Shockingly simple client requests

Truss is the new and easiest way for Tax Pros to securely request and organize client documents.

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Easy on Clients

Easy on You

Saves Hours

Clients Dumping Documents on You?

Clients regularly send their Tax Pro files through email, tax prep software, or even everyone’s favorite: pictures in a text message. The result: a confusing mess, things slipping through the cracks, and ultimately hours of wasted time.

That ends now.

Truss Works to Make Your Life Easier

Here’s how it works.

Client-specific checklists created by AI

Each of your clients gets their own checklist.  Truss AI uses data from your Tax Prep software to ask for the specific documents each client needs to provide.

Foolproof Client Experience

ZERO friction: no creating accounts, resetting passwords or logging in – they click the link and upload everything you requested. Clients get to work the way they want to.

Assembly And Delivery

Upload tax docs and watch the magic happen.

Automated Reminders Make Followup Easy

Ever had a client think they were done when they weren’t – or just forget altogether?  Truss’ automated reminders make that a thing of the past.

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Stay on Top of Everything

We provide tools so that your team will always know the status of each item in real-time. That means that you’ll never have an item slip through the cracks again.

More Secure Than Your Bank

Cloud Infrastructure: Hosted on SOC 2, Type II-certified platforms like Heroku and AWS, ensuring data integrity and robust infrastructure security.

Security Foundations: Developed with expert guidance, Truss adheres to industry standards including OWASP and utilizes AES-256 and Bcrypt encryption.

Security Padlock on Files

File Requesting & Organizing Is Easy Now

Stop drowning in unorganized documents and instead enjoy total document bliss!

When a client uploads documents, Truss automatically knows what form or file it is and names it intelligently for you.

Login-Free Upload Page
Frictionless uploading for your Clients. Never reset another password.
Track Outstanding Documents
Never let needed files slip through the cracks.  Make your deadlines.
Automatic Reminders for Clients

Relax. Let Truss handle the reminding.

Super Secure & Easy to use
Truss raises the level of security and cuts the complexity.
  • AI Smart File Renaming

Client sends you img_812739.jpg > Truss gives you Smith, John W-2 – 2022.

  • E-Signature

Your clients can easily and securely sign any doc you send to them.

  • Magic Link Client Login

Your clients don’t need to remember a username and password. They can easily upload their documents without logging in.

  • Stellar Security

Hosted on SOC 2, Type II-certified platforms like Heroku and AWS, ensuring data integrity and robust infrastructure security. Truss adheres to industry standards including OWASP and utilizes AES-256 and Bcrypt encryption.

  • Convert Images to PDF

If your client sends in a jpg, png, even heic file, Truss will convert it to the tax prep friendly PDF format.

  • Works Directly In Outlook & Gmail

You open a new email to a client, click request docs, and select from a checklist. It’s groundbreaking and simple.

  • Powerful Integrations

Truss can work alongside Google Drive, DropBox, and Zapier.

  • Organized File Exporting

When you’re ready, export organized, bookmarked workpapers.

Excited about getting your tax-time sanity back? You’re not alone.

Tax Pros Love Truss

Some of our favorite quotes from professionals like you.

  • La Keisha, CPA

    We have been very pleased with your solution so far and appreciate all the updates that you've been making.

  • Deborah, Partner

    The more I understand the software the more excited and amazed I am. Thank you.

  • James, Partner

    We have had a LOT of compliments on our new portal system. Our clients are loving it

  • Allison, CPA

    People are loving the portal! We love it too, thank you!! Thx.

  • Pam, Office Manager

    Truss has fundamentally changed the workflow at our firm. The ease that it provides to our clients has created an unheard of turnaround when requesting documents. Not only that but our clients LOVE it. Highly recommended!!

  • Priscilla, CPA

    I will definitely continue to use this system. My clients are loving it! ... I am looking at shutting down Dropbox after this season since everyone likes Truss way better.

  • Jen, CPA

    This tax year Truss has been clutch, and I'm updating my processes around it. Thank you for that!

  • Ralph, CPA

    Spoke to someone yesterday and she went on and on with compliments of your system. I'm liking it too.

  • Amy, CPA

    Last year our extensions were a cluster through Docusign. There were documents everywhere. Truss made this year a breeze - everything was organized and clients knew exactly where to go and what to do. All of our clients were able to use Truss"

  • Mike, CPA

    Now I don't have to dread packaging the return.

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