Shockingly simple Tax document collection

Get documents from your clients, not tears.

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The Simple Truth:
Only a few of your clients use your file-sharing software.

“Solutions” that only serve 10-20% of your clients are not solutions – they are complications.

You are tired of paying for software that doesn’t actually get used.

Have a 10-key on your desk?  You are our people.

Whether you still use an abacus or are an early adopter – everyone loves simple.  It’s built with industry best practices learned from 1000s of engagements. Schedule a demo and see how Truss can help you supercharge efficiency and modernize your client experience.

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How Truss Works to Make Your Life Easier

Send out a document request

Send out your doc requests in 3 clicks – right in Outlook.  This means that you won’t need to twist any arms to get your team to adopt it.

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Your client receives a magic link

No friction: no creating accounts, resetting passwords or logging in – they click the link and upload everything you requested. If they don’t, we’ll gently remind them until they do.

Docs, right where you need them

Uploaded documents are automatically sorted and delivered straight to your hard drive – no downloading or sorting required.  Oh, and no more lost hours searching through email for that file a client said they sent you.

Stay on top of everything

We provide tools so that your team will always know the status of each item in real-time.  That means that you’ll never have an item slip through the cracks again.

Have questions? We’ve got answers.

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Pricing starts at $74/month. Cancel anytime.

You can use Truss for as many clients as you like.

Yes, enterprise plans can choose to remove Truss’ branding if they’d like.

Yes, we offer a demo and a 30-day free trial. Explore the platform with all of its features!
Yep. Truss is hosted on AWS servers in the U.S. – The same setup the FBI uses.

Yes. truss uses bank-level 256 bit encryption – at rest both in transit.  This is a huge security upgrade over receiving documents by email.

Shockingly simple Tax Document Collection

Client Portals complicate.
Let Truss simplify.

Login-Free Upload Page
Frictionless uploading for your Clients. Never reset another password.
Track Outstanding Documents
Never let needed documents slip through the cracks.  Close out files faster.
Automatic Reminders for Clients

Relax. Let Truss handle the reminding.

Super Secure & Easy to use
Truss raises the level of security and cuts the complexity.

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